Artistic Direction for Intermediate and Advanced Storytellers in Any Genre

Susan Klein's trained ear will hep you examine your story structure, character and plot development, language usage, grammar, and all aspects of creating the well-told tale.

Have your stories evaluated and edited by highly respected storyteller and author, Susan Klein, whose acclaimed critiquing is founded on the highes standards for story development and delivery.

Record the stories you have in progress, no matter what stage of development. Susan will evaluate your work on tape and confer with you by phone to help you examine what aspects of the story work beautifully and what areas need improvement and nuturing.

Let the "Midwife of Story" discuss with you the fine points and shortfalls of your work-in-progress and support your spirit while you do the difficult work of refinement that creativity demands. Guidance offered on procedures for requesting permissions and honoring professional courtesies.

For further details and pricing, please call (508) 693-4140.

"To work with Susan Klein is to accept a philosphy of storytelling and of artistry. This philosophy demands that you be your best and that you produce the highest quality work of which you are capable. Careful self examination, rigorous crafting of material, and a commitment to excellence are the hallmarks of her ethic." Liz Warren


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