Beyond Skin Deep
A Weekend Workshop Dedicated to Exploring, Reclaiming and Celebrating One's Inherent Beauty and the Beauty of the World.

Our modern culture defines beauty so narrowly -- and then relentlessly promotes and reinforces that definition so vigorously, that beauty can seem out of most people's dominion. Beauty is a birthright -- an experience of intense engagement in life available to all of us. We can claim beauty consciously, widening its domain and activating its transformative power in us and around us. In this workshop, we will use the concepts of Mask and Mirror to explore our relationship with beauty through story, activities, discussion, journaling, and creative expression.

Led by Susan Klein and Liz Warren

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Susan Klein

Born, raised, and still residing on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Susan Klein is an award-winning spoken-word artist. She is a much sought-after editor and story coach for the stage and page, and leads workshops in America and Europe on memoir organization and writing, storytelling, emceeing, the application of story format for opening and closing statements for lawyers, public speaking, and storytelling in the curriculum, through her business, Story Wisdom®. She is the author of Through a Ruby Window – a Martha’s Vineyard Childhood, as well as articles, storytelling industry guides, and speeches. She is the owner of Ruby Window Productions through which she provides storytelling concerts, speeches, and story-crafting-to-shrink-wrapping spoken-word audio direction and production. In her 25-year touring career she has appeared in over 120 storytelling festivals, on main stages, and for special interest groups. Susan is a winner of the coveted Circle of Excellence Award.

(508) 693-4140

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Liz Warren

Liz Warren is a storyteller, teacher, labyrinth builder and co-founder of the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. She is on the faculty at the college, where she teaches in the storytelling program and works with colleagues to manage the Storytelling Institute and its two annual community festivals. She tells a variety of stories, but finds herself returning to those tales that reflect the heroic journey of personal transformation– whether they are stories of growing up in Arizona, folktales, or myths from ancient traditions. She is the author of the Hero’s Journey Writing Tool and its companion web-site: Liz is the author of The Oral Tradition Today -- An Introduction to the Art of Storytelling. Her recent storytelling and workshop activity has focused on the concept of beauty.

(602) 437-1767


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