Internationally acclaimed raconteuse Susan Klein, known for her wit and wisdom, has made her mark as a performer, storytelling coach, recording artist, emcee, workshop leader, education and corporate consultant, humorist, and author. Susan Klein
Susan Klein

"I found your set of folktales soul-satisfying. Your elegant
sensuous language totally immersed me in those ancient,
but 'right-now' stories. Thank you for helping me believe
in the excellence of storytelling."
........................................................................- Gwenda Ledbetter






A History of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society
Celebrating the Continuity of Life, Family, and Community

By Author Susan Klein and Photographer Alan Brigish

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. . . .News coverage for Bountiful celebrates
family, agriculture, and continuity!

MV Gazette
MV Times



Collected, Adapted and Told by Ceil Anne Clement

Ceil Anne Clement's ability to capture the effects of a Northern Plains blizzard is nothing short of arresting. Sojourners of every sort - musicians, farmers, brides, beverage salesmen, and more - populate this truly wonderful collection of stories adapted from the lives of those who lived through these tempestuous storms."

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Martha's Vineyard - Now & Zen is the collaboration between photographer, Alan Brigish,
and storyteller, Susan Klein. This interweaving of more than 250 photographs and 27 essays
about the communities, traditions, and transformations of the island, spotlights the issues resulting
when "a paradise is popularized."

2011 WINNER in the Wild Card category of the New England Book Festival

"Rather than expecting you to connect with it, this book deliberately and
provocatively connects with you. It reaches out and grabs you. And it does
that at many levels.

"’s a celebration. Of the Island, of its people, of the traditions. Of why
we who live or visit here have to be here. It’s a eulogy. For what used to be
that is no longer. And never will be again. It’s a journal of Island traditions
and events, in chronological order throughout the year, as described in
sight and voice by two who deeply love it. It’s a pointed perspective on
the elements, communities, traditions, and issues that make this Island what it is.

"Don’t just buy this book. Experience it from beginning to end... and marvel."

– Dave Stein, Blogger:

"Pictures can show us the way things are and the way things were, but only stories
can spin the threads that link past and present and direct our gaze toward the future.
Here Alan Brigish's spectacular images and Susan Klein's eloquent words evoke
Martha's Vineyard as it is and as it was, and urge us to consider the treasures lost
as well as the beauty that remains.

– Susanna Sturgis, author of The Mud of the Place

“There are many beautiful books about Martha’s Vineyard, but this
is the indispensable one.”

– Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winning author of March

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